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Los Angeles County Announces Full Removal of DOB


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On February 20th, LA County published notice that partial date of birth (DOB) will no longer be available via kiosks or online effective close of business Friday, February 23, 2024. The notice can be found here:


At the moment, access is hampered and delays are expected to be significant. At the moment, we know court operations in place of digital access to DOB are limited to 5 cases per day/per researcher in the majority of courthouses.

PBSA and our allies like CDIA and the LA Chamber of Commerce are in communication with the Court offices to work to find both the motivation behind this change as well as any available solutions.

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Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA) are leading the effort to overturn the decision in All of Us or None of Us vs. Hamrick, and they are also leading the effort to petition the California Judicial Council.

For more information about this effort or other public record access issues, please contact:

Melissa Sorenson, Executive Director

Brent Smoyer, JD, PBSA State Government Relations & Grassroots Director

Eric J. Ellman, Senior Vice President for Public Policy and Legal Affairs

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