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FCRA Basic Certificate Renewal

Update 1/11/2023

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FCRA Basic Certificate is valid for two years. There are two options for FCRA Basic Certificate Renewal – taking the renewal exam or earning credits by attending PBSA educational tracks at conferences and webinars. For FCRA Basic Certificate Renewal, you must submit your Professional Development Credits (PDCs) or take the renewal exam by the end of your two-year certificate period.


Five PDCs are needed to qualify for FCRA Basic Certificate Renewal. PDCs must be submitted to PBSA by the end of the two-year renewal period. Once the renewal application is complete and has been approved, your next two- year certificate period will begin from your existing end date. See below for registration and completion details.


The following PBSA educational sessions and webinars (both live and recorded) qualify for PDCs. Note: Sessions noted MY (Mid-Year Conference) or AC (Annual Conference) are available in live format only. Webinar recordings are only available for one year following the live broadcast date.


Qualifying sessions and webinars:


Back to Basics Series – Sessions 1, 2, and 3 (ongoing access, no expiration on these)



    Monthly Webinar Series

  • Visit the PBSA Resource Library and search Resource Type- PDC Qualified. This will pull the webinars that qualify.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The 2024 series on the Webinar Resource Library page contains quick links to both, the presentation PDF slide deck and the registration to get the recording. If you want to print the slide deck for your records or to take notes, you will need to go back to RESOURCES > WEBINAR LIBRARY and look for session title with the word HANDOUT.



    Conference Presentations

    *Members must have attended the conference live or purchased the on-demand recording to earn credits.

  • Attendee list will be referenced by staff to confirm whether the member can indeed claim credits from conference sessions for their certificate.

PDF slide decks are available on the website under RESOURCES > CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS


2023 Mid-Year Conference


  • General Session: Everywhere, Everything, All at Once.


  • Pardons, Expungements, and Post-Conviction Relief, Oh My!

  • World Privacy Update

  • Addressing Vendor Management and Contracts at the Start to Avoid Litigation

  • Look Out! 7 Areas That Plaintiff’s Attorneys May Try to Exploit Next

  • General Session: FTC/CFPB Pronouncements: What are they Thinking and What it Means for You

  • The Future is Now: New Technologies in Employee Screening and the Law

  • A Fresh Look at Tenant Screening

  • Think Your 99% Accuracy Rating is Good Enough? Think Again. How You Can Do Better

  • Tenant Screening 301: Unifying Federal/State/Local Rules into One Process


    2023 Annual Conference


  • Avoid the Crosshairs as CRA Dispute Reinvestigations Are Being Targeted


  • State/Local Laws & Federal Preemption: Where are we and where are we going?


  • Don't Call Them Employees - Strategies for Independent Contractor Screening


  • Seven Compliance and Risk Management Options Most CRAs Are Missing


  • FCRA Jeopardy


  • Ten Steps to Improve Efficiency, Reduce Risk, and Still Keep Customers Happy


  • Tenant Screening: What Lies Beyond


2022 Mid-Year Conference


  • Dig Deeper! Untapped Ways For Lowering Your Risk Levels


  • Navigating Litigation and Compliance Issues Regarding Reports Issued for Non-Employee “Volunteers”

  • Don't Get Caught Unaware: Top Considerations for Employment Credit Screening

  • Identifiers, Matching Procedures, and Accuracy/How data providers reduce false positives

  • The Current Screening Regulatory Environment and How to Best Prepare for Regulatory Investigations

  • The FIPPs: Not a rock group but the basis of most privacy legislation


    2022 Annual Conference


  • How To Kickstart Your Compliance Department And Minimize Your Risk


  • Just when you thought you knew everything about the FCRA: regulators, judges, and new theories, oh my


  • Seven Areas Where False Assumptions Lead CRAs Astray


  • Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: Strategies for Handling Consumer Complaints


  • Tenant Screening Navigating The Evolving “Fair Chance” Landscape


  • Your Data Can Help Or Hurt You: What Should You Do?

*For sessions offered as live conference and webinar, only one format choice (live or webinar) may be used towards the qualifying session for PDC Credit.

Instructions to Renew Using PDC Credits


Individuals must independently track the name and date attended of the five qualifying webinars and sessions from the list above. Prior to the date a certificate expires and to receive credit for attended PDC sessions for Basic Certificate Renewal, individuals must purchase the PDC course, HERE. PBSA will then send a form to formally list five attended qualifying sessions from the above list for PDC credit. This form must be returned to PBSA on or before a certificate expires. Participation in each session will be verified once the form is received by PBSA. Note that PBSA must receive the Basic Certificate Renewal via PDC purchase and completed attendance form, on or before the date a certificate expires to ensure no lapse in certificate status.



FCRA Basic Certificate Renewal

Professional Development Credit (PDC) TRACKING SHEET

First/Last Name:

Email Address:







Live Webinar (W)

(Include information as it appears on Qualifying Session List)



Recording (R)




Conference (C)





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