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November 2022 Volunteer of the Month

Julie Hakman, PBSA November VOTM


Julie Hakman
GM Business Development
Ministry Brands LLC
(Founder, American Checked LLC)

My role at PBSA:

I think the term we’ve coined over the years is “voluntold," lol. Joining PBSA (NAPBS) in the very beginning, I’ve been extremely lucky to serve side by side with so many amazing people in this industry. Starting as co-chair of the first Membership Committee, then moving on to the PAC (Political Action Committee), Communications, Government Relations, and 10 years on the board and, ultimately, Chair. I am currently involved with Advocacy and DOB Redaction, hoping to bring the voice of our members and stakeholders to our legislators and regulators. In a nutshell, my role at PBSA is to SAY YES!

Why I wanted to volunteer with PBSA:

Coming from one of the “Big 3” screening companies before starting AmericanChecked, I truly believed it was important to be active and get involved. PBSA connected me to people, provided access to resources, introduced me to our regulatory community, and ensured business success. Serving on the Board allowed me to represent the voice of our members, give back to an industry that had given me so much, provide input to our future, and hopefully make a difference. While hoping to “make a difference” and influence others, volunteering with PBSA gave me passion I never imagined, lifelong friends I consider family, and a journey that goes far deeper than a professional path. Thanks PBSA for an incredible 20 years!!!   

What I do when not at work:

I love to hike, waterski, and all forms of entertainment: movies, theater, live music, dance, and art (and I must admit I’ve been told I can be a bit critical, lol). Doing the things we like with family and friends we love brings life and memories to simple interests.


What I'm reading:

Inspiration Work Read: Simone Sinek’s Together is Better

For Fun: Always the latest John Grisham or trending celebrity biography


Favorite website, podcast, blogs, etc.:

Blog Talk Radio, Mashable, TED Talks, and of course, YouTube so I can make it appear that I can build, repair, cook, create, or remember anything.


On my desk right now (books, personal items, etc.):

PBSA Secret Chip from Brent Smoyer. (Oops, sorry Brent!) Pic of kiddos triple waterskiing, AmericanChecked Boxing Gloves (every screening company needs these), DAC (now HireRight) original matchbox 18-wheel truck (always remember where you came from), and the first check from our first customer, Cactus Jacks $60 (never forget the climb).

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