LA Public Record/Court Access Information

November 2018 Volunteer of the Month

Nicole Roedel

Executive Director
First Choice Background Screening

My role at NAPBS is
Educational Resources Committee Co-Chair and miscellaneous tasks forces along the years.

Why I wanted to volunteer with NAPBS
I wanted to volunteer with NAPBS to see changes. If there are changes or actions that I feel would help my company, then I have to be willing to put forth effort to the cause, to make a difference.

What I do when not at work
When I am not at work and not traveling, I am usually on the water or taking part in some outdoor activity. If I am home, I am usually reading or watching a sports game on TV.

What I'm reading
Currently, I am reading Stephen Hawking's A Brief History in Time.

Favorite blogs
I don't read many blogs, to have a favorite.

On my desk right now (books, personal items, etc.)
I don't have much on my desk but currently there is a Starbucks gift card, a yo-yo (to entertain my inner child), and a Beatles record a friend gave me.

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