CA and MI DOB Redaction Information

California & Michigan DOB Redaction Information



DOB Redaction - Special Alert


A decision by the California Court of Appeal has resulted in CA Courts refusing to respond to research requests, limit the number of queries that can be made in person, or limit the amount of PII provided when a potential record is found. These decisions are being implemented in CA Courts across the state with little to no notice and are impacting public records research and reporting.


A change in Court Rules in Michigan that limits the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) provided by the courts is impacting public records research and reporting. This new Rule is in effect; however, its implementation is delayed until January 2022. 

Note: A small number of Michigan courts have taken the position to not respond to research requests or to respond with limited PII when a record is found based on their interpretation that January 2022 is the deadline and that they are in compliance by making the change earlier.

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