2024 Annual Conference

Sponsor Hosted Events

To maximize attendance at our educational sessions for which our speakers have donated their time and expertise as well as at the exhibit hall to learn from and thank our exhibitors who continue to support the industry and PBSA, we respectfully request that no gatherings or meetings larger than 5 people take place during education or exhibit hours. If you would like to reserve a public meeting space at the hotel for meetings during education or exhibit hours PBSA will approve those reservations with the expectation that any gatherings during those times will be kept to 5 or fewer individuals. PBSA will not actively police this policy but hopes that our attendees will follow these guidelines so that we can continue to allow attendees to rent public hotel space for the small gatherings important to your business while ensuring everyone is making the most out of their attendance at our events. (Note: this does not apply to gatherings taking place outside of education and exhibit hall hours, use of private suites within the hotel, or activities taking place outside the hotel).

Please contact Danielle Emond - danielle.emond@marriott.com to reserve your space.