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2023 PBSA Europe Innovation Event


PBSA Europe Innovation Virtual Event

Topic: PBSA Europe - A New World of Background Screening

6 December 2023
13  - 15 UK Time

Join us in exploring the latest innovations in background screening, and how they are transforming the industry. Learn from experts how AI, new tech, and digital identity are being used to improve efficiency, accuracy, and security. This meeting will be held virtually. A zoom link will be provided upon confirmation of registration.

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Start at 13:00 UK time

1. New tech

·       Tech Innovations for Background Screening Providers – panel – 25 mins

·       Dan Hammond - Qualification Check

·       Sally Ot - Verifdiploma 

·       Michael Hilton - Hedd

·       Navigating the buying cycle with new innovation – 15 mins

·       Will Hoggarth – Security Watchdog

·       Steve O'Neil - Konfir


2. Digital Wallet/Digital Identity – 20 mins

·       Emily Hyett - Yoti 

·       Alastair Treharne - Beruku 


Break 14:00 – 14:10 – 10 mins


3. AI – 40 mins

·       Current and emerging laws and regulations governing AI - 10 mins

·       Alice Quinones – iCover

·       Use cases for AI in background screening – panel – 30 mins

o   What are the most effective ways to use AI in background screening?

o   What tasks should be automated, and which should not?

o   How can background screening providers ensure that human involvement is appropriate and necessary?

o   Where is AI already being used in background screening, even if it is not obvious?

·       Alice Quinones - iCover

·       Alex Aoun - Valital

·       Fraser Hardy – SP Index


4. General Q&A session – 10 mins 


End – 15:00 UK time

This event is complimentary for PBSA Members but registration is necessary.


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